Mixed - Use

Creating inviting places to shop, dine, live, work and play is what mixed-use development is all about.
Bright Realty has embraced this concept wholeheartedly as people seek to simplify their demanding lives. The Realm at Castle Hills is one example of mixed-use at its best. Comprising retail, entertainment, office and loft units, directly adjacent to a sizeable multi- and single-family residential area in a booming location of DFW.

Bright Realty strives for excellence in every project and will not settle for anything less. The Realm at Castle Hills will be an exceptional live, work, shop experience for both consumers and tenants.

Multi Family Apartments and condos have come a long way, and Bright Realty is leading the change. Since 1960, the Bright family has built and managed over 550 apartment
homes throughout Dallas.

Today, they are taking that experience to a new level. Following extensive research and market analysis, plans are underway for one of the largest multi-family projects in the country.

At completion, The Realm at Castle Hills will include 5,000 multi-family units on 400 acres. A project of this magnitude involves vision, capital, financial management and talented human resources.

This state-of-the-art lifestyle development will include:

  • Unique collection of shops, dining and entertainment all with convenient parking
  • Enriched guest experiences with use of modern patterns, materials and architectural graphics
  • A thoughtful and warm atmosphere with creative lighting, colors and landscaping throughout
  • Pedestrian walkways and water features to create an energetic and playful experience
Mixed - Use

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