Bright Realty's Luxury Apartment Project Wins National Award for

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Bright Realty's Luxury Apartment Project Wins National Award for "Game Changing" Technology

Discovery at The Realm, a Bright Realty luxury multifamily development located in Castle Hills, was recognized with two Best in American Living (BALA) awards by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) for outstanding achievement in multifamily development. At an awards gala held in Orlando, Florida, as part of the 2018 International Builders Show, Discovery at The Realm in Castle Hills won a platinum award for Game Changing technology and a silver award for Best Multifamily Development (Up to 4 Stories, For Rent).

Discovery at The Realm, a 423-unit luxury apartment development, was recognized for its game-changing use of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology for unparalleled resident comfort. Originally slated to be equipped with traditional split systems, Bright Realty challenged the project's team to develop a greenfield solution using VRF technology in a new way to differentiate the project as a high-end development. While VRF technology in a multifamily setting is nothing new, what is groundbreaking in this project is the development of specific engineering, design, construction and software solutions that push the envelope of how VRF can be applied in a multifamily setting for results that are simply outstanding.

"In the design of Discovery, we were looking to solve the typical HVAC-related challenges facing multifamily," said Chris Bright, Bright Realty CEO. "We also wanted a more efficient system because we believe that residents focus not just on what they pay for rent, but on their total, out-of-pocket occupancy cost," added Bright. "The team accepted the challenge to utilize VRF in a manner that reaped all the benefits of VRF while avoiding unsightly wall-mounted air-handlers inside the living space," he added. "The ingenuity of the engineering and mechanical application sets the bar for the industry as a whole, but more importantly, the positive impact on quality of life for residents is immeasurable."

To learn more about Discovery at The Realm's game-changing technology, please view the latest edition of Best in American Living Magazine, which features and article on the award-winning project. The project is also featured in a case study video produced by LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA.

To view the Discovery LG Case Study video click here.
To read more about the BALA awards click here

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